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Fiona from Galway, Ireland

I was given Sodium Pentothal for pain relief for my first child, but nobody had told me that my baby would have to have the drug removed from his system, given whatever was in my bloodstream was also in his. I found this very distressing.

As I was heavily sedated, I didn’t experience the birth in any real or meaningful way which left me with a lingering feeling of disappointment, that I had missed out on something important.

Luckily my midwife recommended using the TENS for my next child and everything was different. My mind was clear, but I was largely pain free. It was incredibly important to me to fully embrace the birth of my child; it was the happiest moment of my life. I would recommend the Dolito TENS to any woman who wants childbirth to be a life affirming experience not marred by drugs or excessive pain. 

Paul from Worcester, UK

I have been diagnosed with Osteo-Arthritis in both knees and have constant pain for which I have a morphine patch attached to my back, which is changed every week. It reduces the pain considerably, but I am still left with pain in both knees. As I am still only 51 my doctors are taking time to assess knee replacements so until that occurs and even after I have this severe pain to somehow manage. I am concerned about using Morphine for a long period both as to the risks and to the uncomfortable feeling that is produced in me.

Luckily, I have been introduced to the Dolito TENS by a friend and I use this for half-an-hour each morning and evening. The pain disappears as soon as the unit is turned on and lasts for about 8 hours after the session is finished. This enable me to go out in peace and to get a good night’s sleep.

I would recommend the Dolito TENS to anyone suffering severe pain, it is very low cost, easy to use at home and it really works!